How to Sell a House by Owner

Homeowners who feel very hard to sell the house must understand that it’s a learning process. Also selling without a realtor is a daunting task. You must know what you need and then go ahead, this will keep your stress to a minimum and increases your net amount.

Set a realistic price

If your price is too high then the buyers will not come forward to get your property. Setting the right price is probably the most important step in the sales process, no matter whether you sell with an agent or without. If you want to know your home’s value, then hire a professional real estate appraiser.

Get your home market-ready

To give a presentable look to your house before selling try the below 


Declutter : Remove the clutter and junk to make your space pleasant. This will attract the buyers and convince them to invest.

Add curb appeal : Plant flowers, add a few pots of colorful flowers on the entryway or porch. Then add a fresh coat of paint to the front door.

Make it sparkle: Give a fresh & appealing look to the boring space by deep cleaning, painting, organizing the closets, decorating with sparkling lights, etc.

Prepare and take photos

Once you’ve set the price, take professional photos and start promoting your house for sale. Before that deep clean your space, throw a new coat of paint over the boring rooms, and replace new fixtures as it could be a worthy investment.

Confirm a buyer’s financials

When you get an offer immediately confirm whether a buyer has the 

potential to afford a home. Ask them to provide a mortgage preapproval letter and find out how much down payment the buyer will offer. How much they got as a loan amount and how much they are qualified to get from a lender. 

Promote your house

Without a realtor, it could be tricky to sell a house, once you’ve taken 

photos start posting on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Share with your friends and neighbors ask them to post on their accounts and get huge connections.